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Poli Real Estate guides and advises you on selling and buying property

Situated in the centre of the old town of Pully, Poli Real Estate guides and advises you on selling and buying property. We act as intermediaries, working between the various stakeholders to help you achieve your project. You can rely on us to propose a range of suitable properties that match your requirements.

We take the stress out of buying property

We will accompany you throughout your search for your ideal property and throughout the purchase process. We are committed to finding the right property for your professional and personal situation.

Put your trust in us to take care of the sale of your property

We will estimate the value of your property and work with you until it’s sold. You will benefit from our expertise and experience to sell your property in the most efficient way possible. Our experience is at your service for an efficient transfer of property.

We will provide tailored adviced

You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the Swiss property market.

Estimating the value of your property

We tailor our approach and base our valuation on the property’s individual characteristics to ensure it fully reflects its’ true value.
We can thus identify with precision the characteristics of your property to estimate its value. Its’ value is constantly evolving and it is crucial to adjust the sale price according to any fluctuations in the market. Its evolution is constant: it is essential to adjust the price taking into account the global trend.

We will accompany you throughout

Whatever your property project involves, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We do our utmost to handle each case on an individual basis. We put value on meeting our clients face to face. We are committed to treating each case in a personalized manner You can call us directly or write us via the contact form. We can then arrange a meeting to discuss your projects in person.